What is AboveTheBarFitness.com? I’ll tell you!

Above the bar fitness is a social network that is designed to address all of your fitness needs by offering a platform where users can showcase their athletic prowess or seek knowledge and information in the unlimited field of health and fitness. Living “above the bar” means that you are no longer confined by your body, but are set free by it. Every person can use help increasing his/her fitness level: strength, power, conditioning, endurance, flexibility, health and nutrition are just a few of the major components of a balanced approach to one's fitness. Finding the right help in these areas can be a difficult process, but with AboveTheBarFitness it does not need to be. Members on AboveTheBarFitness will be able to locate personal trainers and health experts that can assist you in your pursuit to go above the bar and beyond. Sign up for AboveTheBarFitness updates now and be one of the first to reach your own next level in today's new era of fitness.

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